The best advocate for your health and well-being that you will ever have is you.
Follow these simple steps in order to achieve the best version of yourself.

While traditional medicine has evolved through vast technological advancements of pharmacologic (and other) remedies, modern gurus have taken a more moderate approach to the mysticism of human existence. There is consensus that a connection to the universe exists inside the human body. Therein lies a power that once sparked can be a source of wellness. That wellness is just as great a source of healing as the advanced skill of physicians and surgeons. Alternative pathways of medicine rooted in ancient cultures have now become integrated as mainstream tools for prevention and cure.

Integrating wellness is an important part of any surgical treatment. This applies to major reconstructive procedures as well as what would be considered minor procedures. In fact, in some instances, a wellness plan may be all that is needed to address certain ailments including chronic pain and sleep disorders. Common principles in any wellness plan include nutrition, meditation, restfulness, and physical training.

In order to achieve optimal health and wellness, we encourage a simple 5-principle formula:

Eat: Nutrition, Supplementation, and Hydration
Pray: Daily meditation/prayer practice
Love: Embrace family, friends, and avoid conflict
Exercise: Train for optimal cardiovascular tolerance
Sleep: Maximize nighttime sleep and rest

Contemplating surgery can be a challenge. There is a balance between work, school, family and recovery. There are emotional considerations that need attention. Embracing a wellness plan is an important part of the process. This focus on wellness will guide a smooth path into the planned procedure as well as enhance recovery and outcomes. Remember that wellness is intuitive. Have faith in your instincts and do your best to be well.